About EntraStart
Collaborate, connect, grow and find necessary resources for entrepreneurs and startups with entrastrart network.

The survival of startups within an innovation ecosystem is built on the benefit of the overall ecosystem. Furthermore, it is difficult for a single startup to acquire all the necessary elements for successful innovation. A niche is seen as a form of disturbance for the progress of the dominant socio-technical regime, whereas the niche provides a possible alternative to industrial and social development in a domain. Nevertheless, this alternative trajectory cannot be sustained and explored by learning from peers only. The further driving force from sequences of experiments in various local texts, eventually adds up to a niche trajectory.  With that, some researchers argued that innovative startups are birth out of a central node, such as a technology platform and often, a set of socio-economic conditions that bring key stakeholders together. This resulted in the initial divergent and disperse routine and processes becomes more specific, articulated, and stable over time.  With such changes, any attempt in for startups to communalizing new technology that follows these process and routines are likely to survive and grow. Protecting for a niche in the early stage is a crucial aspect in its early stages as niche actors are not likely to survive the cycle if pressure is exposed too early.

The use of niche protection creates an environment for entrepreneurs and other startup actors to exploit the mechanism and grow over time. Moreover, available resources other than protection schemes are more like to enable startups to learn, develop, and grow over time. Startups without available resources, including financial assets and human capital, will have much less opportunity in active engagement compare to startups with substantial resource availability. The speed and phasing of socio-technical transition is a factor for startups and the ecosystem. While punctuated equilibrium theory argued that at times socio-technical environment transition path-breaking innovation rapidly, however, path-breaking innovators tent to adopt a longer time horizon in trying to convey their EVP. Startup success arises from the achievement of internal alignment, and external viability were both dependent on the configuration of the EVP and EM. Networks of government, suppliers, financial institutions and complements, intermediary agents, customers, research institutes, universities, and competitors constitute the entrepreneurial environment that supports entrepreneurial activities.

 EntraStart is an entrepreneurs and startup ecosystem design to foster resources within the system in order to build successful startups and entrepreneurs. This mechanism is accomplish by entrepreneurs and startups collaborating, knowledge share and trade resources within the ecosystem. This can stem from and marketing startup in Egypt sharing best practicing with a similar startup in Canada or the US. And, a IT company trading resources (not dollars) with a business consulting firm. This works where the business consulting firm require IT services to scale while the IT firm requires business, tax and legal resources to grow in the early and mid-stage. EntraStart is where all startups and entrepreneurs, and SMEs link together to create a finite ecosystem of necessary resources across the board.